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Diamondback Line 24 Mountain Bike - Kids'


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You're looking for a junior-sized version of what you've got and you've got your favorite do-anything hardtail mountain bike. Kids are smaller bouncier and more resilient but that means their bikes need to be too. Good thing Diamondback keeps that in mind and the junior rider that will be ripping trails right along next to you. The Line 24" is a smaller version of Diamondback's do-anything hardtail mountain bike. It's equipped to handle mountain bike trails that challenge the best of us but it's also great for riding around the neighborhood with friends. It's got an aluminum construction that's value-oriented and durable so you'll have no worries treating it like the rugged machine it is. An SR Suntour fork gives 80-millimeters of front suspension travel so it'll perform like the regular-sized bikes do and 24-inch wheels are stiff and stable enough to be aggressive so junior riders can tear up the trails. Wider Vee Rubber tires make this bike a perfect rider for rough paths since the surface area will soak up much of the harsh vibrations. Disc brakes and a wide-range SRAM drivetrain out-perform and reinforce that this Line 24" is just a smaller-sized fully capable mountain bike.

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