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MSR Zoic 3 Fast and Light Body Tent


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The MSR Zoic 3 Fast and Light Body Tent is a bathtub-style floor for minimalist adventures. Leave the original Zoic 3 tent body at home and bring this along with the fly and poles instead. Your pack will be lighter while the bathtub-style offers wind and rain splatter protection as you sleep. Handier than a footprint, but less than the tent body. Please note this page is offering the Fast and Light Body ONLY. Tent poles and fly Are NOT INCLUDED with a Fast and Light Body. This is designed specifically to be used with a coordinating MSR tent setup as a bathtub-style floor, or as a lighter weight alternative to a full tent body for minimalist and ultralight backpackers.Features of the MSR Zoic 3 Fast and Light Body Tent This is a fast and light body only Use in place of tent body to reduce pack weight More weather protection than a footprint Guards against side wind and rain splatter Poles and fly NOT included. This Fast & Light Body is designed to be used with your current Zoic setup

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