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SRAM DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket


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SRAM has a knack for blowing ahead of the game a bit when it comes to progress. First it was jumping on the one-by train then twelve-speed and the new DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket falls right in line with their progressive nature. This handy bottom bracket is more than just a bottom bracket though -- its a gateway to future-proofing your bike and crankset. SRAM's DUB bottom brackets work by using one standard spindle diameter and offering a bottom bracket for virtually any bottom bracket shell you might find on your bike so you can upgrade your steed with top-tier parts without worries of compatibility issues on your next ride. We're fans of SRAM's new take on bottom brackets straying away from the never ending dilemma of shell standard compatibility and instead looking to the bottom crank itself to transcend one bottom bracket to another. This is achieved by using a standard inner bottom bracket bearing diameter of 28. 99-millimeters for stiff power when paired with a SRAM DUB Crank but placing the bearings in a variety of bottom bracket sleeves to pair with any current bottom bracket standard on the market. This means there's no more stressing between whether a PF30 and GXP crank will work for you -- instead you can rest assured that there's a DUB bottom bracket out there for your current bike and your future bikes so you can keep your dream crankset running with you for years to come.

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