Traditions Smackdown Carnivore .50 Cal 350gr Muzzleloader Bullets product image

Traditions Smackdown Carnivore .50 Cal 350gr Muzzleloader Bullets


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The SMACKDOWN® Carnivore™ bullets feature the hard hitting polycarbonate tip which reduces drag and allows the bullet to fly straighter. It has been meticulously manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, allowing this all lead bullet with a thin copper plating and specialized coloration to maintain stringent accuracy standards. The bullets' shape and cutting edge ballistic coefficients allows the bullet to fly straight even at a distance. The Smackdown® Carnivore™ bullets come with the Ridgeback™ Sabot. Redesigned from the ground up, our Ridgeback™ sabot creates the perfect gas seal every time. By reducing the thickness of the sabot walls and adding horizontal ridges to the walls the frictional contact area of sabot-to-barrel decreases. As a result this adds extra layers of gas seal - a win-win combination. By combining the reduced barrel contact with the deeper base cup, you get the best sabot on the market. Less friction means easier loading while a better gas seals give you more accuracy and reduced cleaning shot after shot. Specs: .50 Caliber (.45 diameter) 305 Grain 15 Pack Ballistic Coefficient: .383